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Living Room Design Guide

Our living rooms are where we spend a good chunk of our time at home, and so it’s incredibly important that we decorate them in a way that makes us feel comfortable.

We all have a different definition of what that is, but the role that decor and furnishings play simply cannot be underestimated.

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Using artwork in the living room

The living room is one of the best places to display artwork, so here is some advice on how best to use imagery to create your desired mood and effect.

Seeing as you spend so much time in your living room, it’s important that your artwork or any other imagery that you use complements your existing decor and elicits certain emotions in you, your friends and family.

Creating a relaxing living room

Most of us will want our living room or lounge to be a relaxing space. When we get home from work, we want to be able to put our feet up and unwind, and our decor and artwork can play a huge part in that.

In terms of colour, it’s important to choose tones that work well together, ones that you find relaxing and calming. This is different for everyone, so you might prefer subtle, pastel colours or warming, bold hues. However, having too many striking colours is unlikely to make you feel at ease. When choosing imagery, stay clear from anything to energetic or lively, as this is more likely to stimulate your brain. Instead, opt for something calming, such as a forest mural or beach scene.

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Creating a homely, inviting living room

An extension of the relaxation route, many people want their living rooms to be warm, homely and inviting, as it’s often the first room that people see when they walk in, or a room in which people spend a lot of their time. If that sounds more up your street, then opt for warm colours that work well with artificial light from lamps or spotlights. This will help bring the image to life in the evening when you’re relaxing after work.

Transform A Wall spoke with interiors journalist Hayley Gilbert, who gave us this advice: “In a living area, try to team up the colours within your wall art to some accent pieces within the scheme, whether it’s a cushion, throw or lampshade. This will help to create a co-ordinated feel that will bring the whole scheme together. You could also consider going large with an oversized canvas or print to really add wow factor.”

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How big is your living room?

The size of your living room is very important in deciding what artwork or colours to choose. If you have a small lounge, then you need to decide whether your artwork is going to be too overwhelming. Likewise, if you have a larger room, is your imagery going to get lost if it doesn’t stand out enough?

How much light do you have available?

Some living rooms have plenty of natural light, whereas others rely more on artificial light from wall lights or lamps. This should factor into your decision making process when it comes to decor, as the blue hues of artificial light will work differently to the oranges given out with artificial light. What colours should you choose? As you’re probably going to spend a good deal of time in your living room, your choice of colours is an important one. As we mentioned above, if you want something relaxing, subtle tones are more effective, whereas if you want something more energetic, opt for bolder colours.

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