Extra Large Sizes


How It Works

Once you’ve chosen the perfect artwork from our collection, your unique wall art or framed print will be printed on a high quality fabric edged with a silicon lip which is stretched over and pressed into the chosen aluminium frame.

We use fabric for our wall art for three reasons. Firstly we can create really large pictures that are easy to deliver to your door. Secondly the print and fabric quality are fantastic as well as being durable. Thirdly because we love it!

View our installation video below to see how easy it is….

Creating beautifully finished seamless wall art or murals with many benefits over traditional wall coverings:

Watch the instruction videos or download the fitting instructions to see for yourself just how easy it is to put up large scale wall art or a fabric wall mural in your home.

Frame Assembly & Hanging


  • First assemble your chosen aluminium frame using the corner connectors. (tool needed – 3mm Allen key supplied)
  • Dependant on frame choice either fix the frame directly to the wall or mount brackets to the wall using the appropriate fixings for your wall. (tools needed – spirit level, drill & screwdriver)
  • Hang your frame onto the height adjustable brackets
  • Level the frame with the top Allen screws and lock in place with the bottom Allen screws.



Fitting the wall art fabric

  • The outer edger of the fabric wall art has a sewn on silicon lip which holds the fabric securely into the frame.
  • Take a corner of the single piece fabric and press the silicon lip into the frame about 100mm on each face.
  • Repeat this on the remaining three corners
  •  Then press in a small section (again approx 100mm) of fabric at the centre of each side of the frame.



Finishing touches

  • Working your way from the centre to the corners – press in all the remaining silicon edging into the frame, which will ensure the fabric is tensioned evenly across the frame.
  • Run your hand around the whole frame to ensure all the edges are pushed in completely.
  • Stand back and admire.


Download our fitting instructions

There are so many benefits to our Wall Murals including:

  • High quality, creating a sleek, professional feature wall
  • Easy to install, saving you time and money -no need for a professional
  • Able to cover lumps and bumps on walls
  • No joint lines
  • No mess or fuss
  • Custom made just for you

Because our wall art murals are easily changeable, you can quickly update the look of your room. Simply print a new image for an existing frame to instantly refresh your home.

View our wall mural installation video to see how easy it is!

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