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Children’s Bedroom Design Guide

Your child’s bedroom is one of the most important rooms in the house, especially when it comes to the wellbeing and development of your children. As such, it’s essential that the decor in the room is chosen very carefully, whether you want to promote sleep and relaxation or inspire their imagination and creativity.

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Using artwork in a kid’s bedroom

Children spend a good portion of their lives in their bedrooms, whether they’re sleeping, playing, or have just been told off! Therefore, it’s vital that any artwork or imagery you put up is appropriate and effective in its purpose.

How to encourage your child to sleep

Getting children to sleep can sometimes feel like an uphill battle, and one that many parents struggle with at some point. However, there are subtle ways to use decor and imagery to encourage them to fall asleep.

Transform a Wall spoke with consultant child psychiatrist Dr Stephen Westgarth about why sleep is so important for children and how best to encourage it using imagery and colour.

“If getting your child to sleep is a priority for you, then you should avoid any images that are too exciting, anything that symbolises activity, that could be too stimulating for them. A better option is imagery associated with sleep, something soothing and relaxing to make them feel comforted and safe. You don’t want the cityscapes or aurora borealis you might want if you’re an adult.

“In terms of colour, you want something a little more mellow, a little more pastel. Darker colours that are a little bit more grey in the scale are better than really bright colours like oranges and reds.”

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How to encourage imagination & creativity

A child’s bedroom or playroom is also a place that can inspire their imagination and creativity, and, again, the imagery you use can play a big part. Dr Westgarth continued: “Play and and active imagination are so important for children. They learn through play all the time – it’s about rehearsing life skills and exploring ideas of what’s possible.

“The right imagery can help activate, engage, stimulate and create imagination. Artwork that shows activity or excitement, or even things that are a little bit weird, can help your children thinking about different things and inspire their imagination.”

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But my child’s tastes change all the time

We know they do – it’s the same with all kids! And that’s yet another reason why Transform a Wall’s framed prints are such a great choice. Once the frame is installed (which is super easy), the prints can be easily swapped out for something else entirely as they get older and want something different.

Transform A Wall also spoke with interiors journalist Hayley Gilbert, who gave us this advice on using artwork in kids’ bedrooms: “Abstract prints in primary colours work well in children’s rooms, from tots to teens. Think simple shapes and blocks of bold colour as these can encourage creativity and play in the early years. If space allows, hang them away from the cot or bed so that when nightime comes, the artwork isn’t distracting.”

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